The Veritas Advisory Group, Inc.’s professional team consists of CPAs, MBAs, financial analysts, and other individuals trained in the accounting, financial and economic aspects of intellectual property. Our experience as expert witnesses on intellectual property damage issues in court and arbitration proceedings, combined with our general intellectual property valuation expertise, enhances the quality and overall supportability of our damage opinions on intellectual property matters. While some of the services we provide to our clients are only performed in the context of litigation, many of the financial, economic, market, and valuation analyses are common to both our clients outside the litigation environment and to companies involved in a dispute. Our professionals have significant experience on matters involving the following types of issues:

  • Patents
  • Trade Secrets
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks

Intellectual Property Services Provided:

  • Review and analysis of comparable license agreements
  • Market analysis
  • Accounting for profit analyses
  • Projection of revenues from intellectual property
  • Projection of relevant costs related to intellectual property
  • Assessment of production capacity
  • Analysis of variable versus fixed costs
  • Cost of capital analysis
  • Research and development cost analysis
  • Analysis and summary of historical revenues from intellectual property
  • Analysis and summary of historical costs related to intellectual property
  • Analysis of corrective advertising costs
  • Analysis of relevant company acquisitions

Intellectual Property Contacts