Alan F. Nagorzanski, P.E., CMA

Senior Principal

Alan F. Nagorzanski, P.E., CMA

Education: "University of Chicago - MBA Finance
University of Notre Dame - BS Mechanical Engineering"

Mr. Nagorzanski is a founding member of Veritas and has more than 30 years of experience with financial, economic, construction, scheduling, and statistical matters. He has provided expert testimony in state and federal courts, as well as in arbitration. He has provided training and served as a conference instructor related to various aspects of construction scheduling, construction claims, forensic investigations, valuation, and damage issues.

To provide solutions to contractors, owners, sureties, lenders, manufacturers, subcontractors, and design professionals, Mr. Nagorzanski has calculated costs-to-complete and assessed the time required to complete troubled projects. He has analyzed and calculated the impact of delay, disruption, and acceleration events. He has performed investigations of contractors to determine financial status, profitability, ability to perform, effectiveness of controls, and use of contract funds.

Mr. Nagorzanski has consulted with counsel and clients on matters such as securities fraud, forensic investigations, professional malpractice, business valuation, lender liability, business interruption, lost profits, bankruptcy, intellectual property, breach of contract, construction claims, surety bond claims, and fraud investigations. He prepared and defended lost profits claims utilizing market considerations, statistical results, historical parameters, and future projections. He has performed event studies, and developed statistical models to predict stock price movements. He has utilized numerous techniques to value business, securities, intellectual property, and various damage claim components.