Bradford L. Bright, CCA, CCP

Senior Principal

Bradford L. Bright, CCA, CCP

Education: University of Dallas - MBA
Pittsburg State University - BS Construction Engineering

Mr. Bright is a founding member of Veritas and a nationally recognized expert in the construction industry with more than 35 years experience in contract administration, scheduling, estimating, and consulting. Mr. Bright has provided assistance to clients on such issues as delay, disruption, proper construction management, defective work, surety bond claims, termination, and damages. Encompassing a wide variety of projects, his endeavors have included power plants, pipelines, airports, petrochemical facilities, mass transit, sports arenas, prisons, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, high-rise office buildings, theme parks, and road construction.

Mr. Bright has managed a variety of commercial matters involving such issues as breach of contract, investment fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcy, franchise disputes, and loss of profit issues. His engagements have spanned a variety of business interests including manufacturing, product distribution, cable television, real estate, shipping, and construction. Mr. Bright has prepared and evaluated numerous economic models for the purposes of analyzing and quantifying damages.

Mr. Bright has rendered expert testimony on construction matters and on economic damages in state and federal courts, as well as in both domestic arbitration and international construction arbitration proceedings.

Prior to Veritas, Mr. Bright was a director with Peterson Barrington, and a founding partner of The Barrington Consulting Group. Additionally, he has held positions as a consultant with Peterson & Co. and as an internal auditor and engineer with Austin Industries.