Michael Archard, PE

Senior Consultant

Michael Archard, PE

Education: "Northeastern University - B.S. Civil Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - M. Eng. Civil Engineering"

Michael Archard is a professional civil engineer with over ten years of experience in the fields of engineering and construction. Michael brings a diverse skillset and strong analytics in civil and environmental engineering, construction management, and water resource design projects.

Michael has helped in the mediation and resolution of contract disputes by identifying the parties and factors responsible for changes which add cost and schedule delays to projects. He has also reviewed contractor claims for labor, equipment, and materials, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to evaluate the veracity of these claims.

Michael has a strong background in dam engineering and design, geotechnical analysis, hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, and water resource system analysis. He has extensive experience with finite element modeling, hazard assessments and various CAD and GIS software systems.

Email: marchard@veritasag.com